Your Homebuying Team

Your real estate purchase doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There are a number of other professionals involved in the process who are committed to your success. Although each transaction is unique, the individual members of your custom team are ready, willing, and able to watch out for your best interests when you are buying a home. Here are the members of your team and their role in helping you secure your home:

Agent: My job is to educate you on the process for buying a home, show you the homes that meet your needs, write a competitive offer, negotiate on your behalf, and make sure we meet all the deadlines outlined in the contract.

My Principal Managing Broker: Although more of a behind-the-scenes team member, my broker is there to help us with any legal issues that need clarification or support as we need it.

Lender: The lender will work with you to determine your home-buying budget, then will work with you to make sure they have the documentation they need to execute the loan on your behalf.

Seller: Yes, the seller has an interest in your success because your success means their success. It is important to consider us all members of the same team!

Listing Agent: The Listing Agent represents the seller, so when you win, the seller wins, and the listing agent wins. Although they are an advocate for the seller and the seller may have different interests than you, we will work with all the parties for a positive conclusion.

Title: Title will run a history on your home to make sure there are no issues with ownership so the home will be all yours. In addition, they will identify any documents or easements that may come with your property.

Inspector: Once your offer is accepted, the inspector will inspect the property for defects. Every home has defects, but our job will be to determine what we want to negotiate with the seller to fix before the home closes. There may be multiple inspectors called upon for your particular inspection needs!

Appraiser: The appraiser will review the property to make sure you are paying market price for it. This protects both you and the bank!

Escrow: Escrow coordinates all the paperwork, creates the final set of documents to be signed by both parties, coordinates the transfer of money between buyer and seller, and makes sure the property closes in a timely manner.